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I'm Daisy Peacock, an ex-sprinter, sports coach... turned yoga teacher.

From a young age, moving and expressing my body has been the most beneficial ways to release tension and calm my busy mind. From shaking out a bad day, hiking up the Scottish mountains, dancing in the mirror, surfing waves by the Cornish coast and not forgetting, sprinting at athletic events all around the UK. I believe moving your body, mindfully, and connecting to nature, can help many people who are struggling today.

Having previously suffered from anxiety myself , this has given me a clearer understanding of how challenging living, with an overwhelmed mind, can be. It took me to hit a low point in life to realise healing was my way forward.

I decided to look deeper into my soul and that's when I discovered yoga. Yoga has taught me so much about my values and who I am as a person. Yoga taught me to look after myself and the people around me. The word "yoga" itself, means union. It's all about coming together, respecting and understanding others.

My aim with awakening souls is to support others with not only their yoga journey but their healing journey too. I cannot wait to meet, support and flow with you on the mat.

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