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Align your mind and body, awaken your soul


Weather you want to relax and indulge your senses or energise your mind, body and soul Awakening Souls has a variety of classes suitable for your desires and needs. 

We have a variety of classes which each provide unique benefits through yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and music. 

Join is at the studio in Falmouth, Cornwall for workshops and yoga classes, weather you are a beginning your yoga journey, looking to progress with your asana practice, want to connect to yourself and other likeminded people or need some you time just to be there is a class for you.


Can’t join us in The South coast? 

We have developed new online streaming membership/  community where you can join the teacher live from zoom, so you don’t miss the experience.



Our mission is to share with you the healing benefits that yoga and meditation can provide.


To help you build inner and outer confidence whilst nurturing your needs. 


We want to provide a safe, tranquil and atmospheric environment with creative flows, mood lighting, dreamy music and aromatherapy.


To create a community allowing you to connect to likeminded souls and build beautiful friendships.


we want you to feel supported and empowered to awaken your inner sparkle.



"I really like Daisy as a yoga teacher because she has an incredibly positive personality which makes you feel good. At the beginning of each yoga practice she will always get you to focus on your breath and an intention to focus on during your flow. This really helps me as I suffer from anxiety so from just by breathing correctly and having this intention to focus on really calms my mind and keeps me in the present. Daisy is also extremely clear in her instructions, so you know exactly what to do.

I would 100% recommend Daisy as a yoga teacher. She really cares about her students and is always up for suggestions and is always available to chat to. I like the variations of flows she takes you through which works on different body groups and flows specifically designed for specific times of the day or moon cycles. I am so grateful that I came across Daisy as now yoga is now a huge part of my life again."


"Daisy is such an amazing teacher! I had always wanted to get into yoga but didn't know how until I started Daisy online live classes!

I learnt so much and improved my flexibility, strength and even my anxiety which I had been struggling with for many years! She is a very inspiring, bubbly and relatable teacher, I would recommend her to everyone."

"Daisy's flows are truly magical! She creates a fun and supportive environment with great music.

During lockdown early this year I practised with Daisy online every Thursday and her caring energy helped me through a very difficult time."

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